Apple 3G Diamond iPhone

It had to happen, everything in this world is going bling bling, so why should it stop at jewelry and teeth.  Now Apple has a 3G iPhone encrusted with diamonds.  Made to order from an exclusive retailer (you wont find this on the iPhone website) the phone has no price listed since the diamonds or gems are custom chosen by the customer.

Of course this is the kind of thing that marketers call ‘ultimate-audience-capture’ since this diamond encrusted iPhone appeals to everyone including; the bling bling crews, boys who love toys, and of course the ladies out there that expect glamor to be part of every aspect of their life. ( I hope my wife does not see this post)

One of my favorite tech sites broke this story about the diamond iphone earlier in the month.  Whilst a friend of mine emailed me this diamond encruseted carry cases for your diamond encrusted iPhone… will it ever end?