Nicole Kidman’s 1400 Carat Necklace – Yes we said 1400 Carat

Last month, it was Oscar time yet again. The one night in the year where celebrities never wear their own clothes, instead being fought over by some of the worlds leading designers who literally pay to give their clothes away in the hope of a photo opportunity with a big name celebrity. Alongside the stunning gowns, shoes and accesories, journalists always look out for the most sparkling, expensive and outragous jewelry.

This year was no different, our winner of the night was an incredible rough and polished designed by L’Wren Scott and worn by Nicole Kidman.

The wonderful piece of jewelty was worn throughout the evening by Kidman as she was one of the leading event hosts for the night. The necklace contained over 7500 gems (7645 to be precise) including a range of rough, faceted, and polished diamonds. The creator estimated the total weight of the diamonds was just under an amazing 1400 carats. The incredible design and structure needed over 6200 man hours to complete.

What can we say apart from lucky lucky Nicole. However I’m sure she was heartbroken enough (and so  punished enough) to have to hand back the necklace at the end of the evening.