A Diamond Ring Is For All To Enjoy, Men And Women Alike

Fifty years ago, if a Wall Street exec, a construction manager, or a college professor was sporting a diamond wedding band, heads would turn and jaws would drop. Even a plain, gold band was an innovative wedding piece for those times, a trend that only began around the turn of the century. A diamond ring worn by a man would have been considered odd, highly feminine, and therefore, completely unacceptable. Well, it seems that society has taken leaps and bounds, because in today’s world, the demand for men’s diamond rings is in high competition with its female counterpart.

Some say this trend started when the industry saw they had missed a great opportunity. If the popularity of diamond engagement and wedding rings had turned the diamond industry into a multi-billion dollar industry, why was the product limited to only 50% of the population? Creating a demand for men’s diamond rings, thereby allowing everyone to enjoy the feeling of a diamond on their hand, was definitely one successful way to expand the market and drive sales. Jewelers started selling diamond wedding rings as a set, one for the bride and one for the groom, to create an incentive and help the trend catch on. And, since no one could refuse a little piece of diamond flare, with its lack of masculinity ignored, the man diamond ring became a hit.

Just like with women’s diamond rings, there are many options for cut and style for men’s diamond wedding rings. White gold bands have been the most popular metal selection, usually encrusted with small diamonds around the entirety of the band. In other cases, a man will prefer to have a centerpiece diamond, more similar to the typical engagement ring style. Now, many jewelers are offering the option of customized men’s wedding rings, as preferences are constantly changing and everyone wants something unique.

One of our favorites this season is the 18K White Gold-Rhodium Dipped ring with 1/3 carat of diamonds. This piece is elegant and simple, and still retains its masculinity. With just the right amount of diamonds, it will be sure to catch eyes without being too flashy. The curved band also makes sure the band won’t turn, so the diamonds will always remain upright. This ring is practical and distinguished, making it wearable in any circumstance. If your man is in a meeting, cheering your son on at his baseball game, or taking you out for a fancy meal, this ring will compliment him wherever he goes and whatever he does.

What may have started as merely a sales strategy has turned into a practice that can have so much more meaning behind it. It’s 2009, and men and women have never been more equal. So, throw away that stigma of man buying his dream girl the perfect diamond. It’s a beautiful gesture that will never go out of style, but consider the practice expanded. All women who have received the ultimate gift, a diamond ring, know the feeling of putting that little piece of heaven on your finger. Why not extend the same opportunity to our prince charming? If there is one present that says “I love you” and “be mine forever,” more than anything else, it’s a diamond ring.

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