Diamond Tutorial: What are feathers?

Giving the perfect engagement (or wedding) ring to your sweetheart does not mean that you have to spend a lot. You can find top loose diamonds of lower price, which you can then design into the dream ring for your lady.  Today, learn a little more about diamonds, “feathers” are something you should understand and know what to look for.

Diamond Tutorial: What are feathers?

Feathers: Feathers are are tiny fractures within the diamond. Usually feathers are caused by the incredible stress that the diamond can and likely has suffered during its gestation period underground. There are many cases where the feather begins and ends under the surface of the diamond. Sometimes the feather can start deep inside the diamond and extend out towards the surface. You will need to see this under 10x magnification since some feathers are transparent. In general , feathers have a white light appearance to them making them difficult to detect. Under magnification, these feather fractures often seem to have an disorganized feathery shape.

It may seem like a red flag if you detect feathers in a diamond, however, the reality is that with everyday wear and care most feathers do not add risk to the diamond”s stability or long term viability and value. You should bear in mind that these diamonds have survived their growth and their journey to the earths surface intact and then they”ve been through the rigours of the cutting and polishing processes before you get a chance to see them. With everyday wear most will likely survive the course of several human lifetimes.

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