Red blooded diamonds

In recent years, our society is showing growing awareness towards the issue of “conflict diamonds”.

The question is- what are “conflict diamonds”?
“Conflict diamonds” also known as “blood diamonds” are diamonds that are minded in war zones and are being sold in order to finance war efforts, murders and weapons- usually in Africa.
We have seen evidence to such usage of diamonds in the civil war in Angola (2000-2007), in the civil war in Liberia (1989-2001), in Congo, Zimbabwe and many other conflicted African countries.
Since the situation in those countries is fragile as it is, and we constantly hear in the news about battles, merciless murders and Genocides- it’s crucial that we won’t give our hands to this unfortunate situation by purchasing conflict diamonds.

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How can we know if the diamonds that we purchase are conflict diamonds?

The most certain way of knowing if your diamond is a conflict diamond is by questioning the store owner or the diamonds dealer who is selling you the diamonds. It is important that the store owner or the diamond dealer will be aware of the conflict and you shouldn’t settle for any hesitated answers that might indicate that the diamonds in question are in fact conflict diamonds.
Most diamond dealers are very passionate about this issue and are willing to guarantee their clients environmentally responsible diamonds with every purchase.
Such diamond dealers will be able to willingly supply their clients with the information about ‘conflict diamonds’ so that you could rest assure that your diamond is conflict free.
Here at Diamonds- usa, we have no tolerance towards the subject of conflict diamonds and as honest diamond dealers we feel very strongly about this matter.
We perform out best efforts to track the rough diamonds from the mine to the market with the association of the UN, the government and additional organizations in order to supply conflict free diamonds for our clients.
Diamonds are considered beautiful and pleasing and we find it in our best interest to maintain them in this manner without any associations to wars and murders.
We guarantee our clients conflict free diamonds and we are constantly working on raising awareness and spreading this issue as far as possible (and that’s even without Leonardo DiCaprio’s help!)

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Recently Hollywood has also has been recruited to raise awareness about conflict diamonds.  All the diamonds that the celebrities wore on recent red carpets in the Oscar ceremony for example are conflict free diamonds and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio (who has also stared in a film about conflict diamonds) and Jennifer Connelly are trying to have a positive impact on society by raising the important awareness to this matter.

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We encourage you not to support the war and the killing in Africa by not purchasing conflict diamonds for the chance that someday in the future we will be able to create a better global environment for all of us.
You can find further information about ‘conflict diamonds’ here:

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  1. Hi Andy,

    The diamond industry put immense energy and resources in order to follow the rough diamonds down the distribution pipeline. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, popularly known as KPCS, is a process introduced by United Nations resolution 55/56 that is designed to certify the origin of rough diamonds from sources which are free of conflict fueled by diamond production.The process was established in 2003 to prevent rebel groups being financed by diamond sales.By controlling the rough diamonds the polished diamonds that come out of the production centers and traded in the countries signed the KPCS are conflict free as well.
    As diamond dealers Diamonds-USA doesn’t purchase rough or polished diamonds from an out of the trade source.Surely the KPCS does not eliminate any illegal activity .It reduces the already small amount of conflict diamonds that were in the market to a negligible quantity.

    Read more about it :

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