The hottest new trend in wedding rings fashion

According to this month’s Los Angeles Times magazine, geometric shaped diamond rings are the hottest new trend in

ry_jewelry/diamond_anniversary_rings.asp” target=”_blank”>wedding rings fashion for 2010. The architectural innovative cuts of the diamonds such as the teardrop, the oval, the marquise or even the heart-shaped diamond rings are the latest attention grabbers to hit the wedding ring market.

size-full wp-image-1097″ title=”Victoria Beckham” src=”” alt=”” width=”396″ height=”431″ /> Victoria Beckham via

The ever-fashionable, trendsetter Victoria Beckham, who’s known to own a variety of engagement rings have been spotted sporting a geometric shaped marquise cut diamond lately. The 6-carat diamond engagement ring embraced with a trillion on each side is known to have cost over 1.8 million dollars and is alleged to be an “I’m sorry I cheated on you” gift from hubby football pro David Beckham.


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