Rare blue diamond ring to sell for $15M

This just in from New York; a two piece rare triangular blue diamond ring, paired with a 2 carat white triangular diamond on a gold band is up for grabs at a New-York city auction next month. The extravagant diamond jewel totals at 10.95 carats, maki

ng it the largest triangular vibrant blue diamond to ever hit the auction market and is rumored to be offered for the humble starting price of $15 million dollars (pic via).Shield diamonds white and fance Blue

Jewelry experts date the spectacular gem back to 1972, when it was given to the wife of the famous Roman Bulgari Jewler as a gift in celebration of the birth of their son. Bulgari is famous for its unique geometric cuts and classic European influences as well as its exotic diamond combinations. According to the fable (and some of the experts), the two diamonds were cut to match one another. They were meant to be set

together, and to be united by the golden band, perhaps to symbolize the bond between a mother and child as was originally intended.

In today’s day and age a diamond of this stature and elegance will most likely be used to represent the bond between a husband and wife in the modern form of a celebrity engagement ring. Speaking of celebrities and triangular engagement rings, here are two celebrity couples to beet them to the punch;

Britny Spears Engagement and wedding rings
Jessica Simpson said I do to nick Lache when presented with this 3.5 carat platinum engagement ring (pic via) .

Anna Nicloe engagement ring
Anna Nicole Smiths triangular bling in 1994, from 89- year -old multi billionaire fiance (pic via)