Gold Monopoly Set on display

In 1988, when San Francisco Jeweler Sidney Mobell heard about a Monopoly Board Game Tournament in London, he was inspired to make a luxurious version of the famous boardgame, fashioned out of solid gold, diamonds and gemstones.

He requested and re

ceived permission from Parker Brothers, the makers of the board game, to create the masterpiece and spent an entire year crafting this work of art.

The dice alone is amazing blackjack with 42 polished diamonds for the dots (valued at about $10,000). The houses and hotels are made out of gemstones and the gold used for the set is 18K. The entire set however, is worth a very cool $2 Million!

Interestingly, when Mobell started working on the project, gold prices were between $360 and $460 per ounce. Current prices for an ounce of gold exceed $1300 per ounce!