April’s Birthstone Diamond Gemstone

People born in April are blessed with the king of gemstones, the diamond. There is much history behind the birthstone of the diamond as well as all of the other birthstones. Legend has it that religious men wore breastplates containing twelve gems. Each of the gemstones were connected to the Zodiac signs and each is associated with a specific month. It became custom for people to wear the gem associated with their own birth month all year long. The diamond is Aries Zodiac Gemstone for birth dates between March 21 – April 19.

Many famous kings and rulers often were seen wearing diamonds. This may be due to the diamond being the hardest natural substance on earth. However, they held Diamond in the highest regard. King Tut was buried wearing diamonds. Diamonds are often worn by the rich as well as a symbol of status.

The history of the diamond shows that the diamond has not only been considered a prized possession, it has also been viewed as a curse. The Hope Diamond, a blue diamond housed in the Smithsonian Institute, is said to have been cursed for centuries. It is feared by some and also said that some have been killed or poisoned by the diamond.

Many myths can be found about diamonds. There’s even a myth that states that Cupid’s Arrow was tipped in diamonds. This might explain why April’s Birthstone is a symbol of beauty, trust, creativity and love. A diamond just makes one feel good.

The diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man. For this reason, there’s no doubt wMarquise diamond picturehy this particular gem is used for wedding sets and engagement rings today. The diamond is a symbol of the endurance of love and the diamond itself is truly everlasting.

The sparkle and beauty that can be seen in diamonds will never fade. It has often been described as being like a thousand stars in the sky. Perhaps this is why the American National Association of Jewelers selected diamond as the official birthstone for the month of April in 1912. Some have said it was purely for commercial reasons, however this hasn’t stopped millions of people from wanting a diamond regardless of their birth month.

Diamond has been around for millions of years. The diamond starts out as a piece of pure carbon, but Mother Nature’s force and power transform the rock into a beautiful, amazing gem. For those with their birthday in late March or the first two-thirds of April, they are very lucky indeed