Round Diamond Engagement Rings: Some Myths Busted

If you are going to buy a ring for your loved one, you should seriously consider round diamond engagement rings. But new buyers and diamond laypeople don’t exactly know how to buy the right diamond engagement ring. We are going to discuss some common myths related to buying round diamond engagement rings.

Here are some most common myths related to buying diamonds:

  • Bigger means better
  • More facets means superior quality
  • Diamond grading is the best way to find out which diamond is the most beautiful
  • Ideal cut is the best

Bigger means better

Yes, large diamonds do have a wow factor, but only if their quality is good. But actually, the value, beauty, and quality of a diamond have got nothing much to do with size. If you get a big diamond with low quality, it will be lusterless and low grade. It might have poor color, visible inclusions, or low clarity. But ever worse- it might be badly cut. But anyway, if size is an essential requirement for you, try to find the largest diamond that is also high on quality.

More facets means superior quality

There are many brands that boast of their superiority because they use more diamond facets. Of course diamond facets are there to steal the maximum amount of light and then bounce it from one facet to another so that it reflects the maximum, but it is not always true that more facets create more sparkle. Instead of the number of facets, you should be concerned about the precision and skill that is put in making those facets. If facet pattern isn’t made with faultless symmetry, light does not bounce off right.

Diamond grading is the best way to find out which diamond is the most beautiful

Diamond grading is indeed an important factor when you buy a diamond. But grading should be used as just a guideline rather than as a final decision maker. When it comes to making the final decision about diamond engagement rings, let your eyes be the last judge because your loved one needs to wear a beautiful diamond, not a grading report.

Ideal cut is the best

Round diamond engagement rings are called ideal when they are cut to certain proportions that were decided way back in early 20th century. Proportions were measured and decided to get the best light dispersion from a diamond. But there is no actual industry agreement that says what kind of cut should be used on round diamond engagement rings. The ideal cut was popular many, many years ago, but over the decades, it just lost its charm. There are new cuts now that reflect light in many ways, and they utilize latest technology.