Anna Paquin’s Wedding Jewelry Revealed

Anna Paquin, the 28 year old Oscar winner and star of the hit HBO series “True Blood”, finally tied the knot with co-star Stephen Moyer this past weekend. The couple wed at privet, traditional wedding ceremony in Malibu,

California. They announced their engagement last August after Moyer presented his wife to be with a vintage antique stylized Victorian inspired engagement ring.

» Antique Engagement Ring

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The diamond ring’s center stone is a rustic dark diamond that’s set in aged silver. Apparently it is not a rough diamond but a form of an organic cut diamond that’s a bit Smokey in appearance and is irregular and somewhat unclear. Paquin’s wedding Jewelry also included a hand made 50 carat diamond necklace that repeated the romantic vintage motif of the engagement ring as well as a pair of elegant diamond studs.

The magnificent diamonds necklace
Anna Paquin’s Wedding Jewelry