It’s comeback time for the chandelier earrings

The very exotic Indian inspired diamond chandelier earrings are back in style. It’s been quite some time since droopy diamond earrings were trendy, but the 80’s jewelry fashion has modernized its way back to the top of the list of fall jewelry trends

for 2010. This season’s designs include the ever classic diamond crystal design as well as garnet, topaz, black diamond, gold, and cherry quarts.

Here’s a quick recap:

Here is Elizabeth Taylor in her early 80’s white diamond perfume add wearing a pair of brilliant white¬†diamond chandelier earrings. Taylor who’s known to have owned some of the worlds most magnificent jewelry collections did it first and did it best.

The legendary Elizabeth Taylor

Here is another glamorous leading

lady with a modern spin – Miss Jennifer Aniston in diamond covered chandelier earrings in a recent red carpet event.

Jennifer Aniston diamond earrings
Here is the classic and chic Gwyneth Paltrow radiating in a shiny rose-cut chandelier pair That matches her rose cut diamond engagement ring.

Gwyneth Paltrow diamond earrings
Eva Longoria also left a lasting impression in this years annual Emmys ceremony with a polished look of a black rosette gown, topped off with a staggering pair of reddish-pink chandelier earrings, a brilliant finish touch.

Eva Longoria Ruby earrings

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