First Film: Design to Casting

In an age where machines and robots make much of what we see around us, the creation of a ring is a delicate and painstaking process that involves many steady hands. “Lost wax” casting, the technique illustrated in this video, is thousands of years old and is even mentioned in the works of Pliny the Elder. Although a machine or two make a few of the steps easier, the core process is basically unchanged.

Many stages of craftsmanship go into each and every diamond ring, and this video follows actual artisans as they create an 18 karat gold diamond ring, from its design to its casting in gold. The film is easy for a layman to follow, with clear and pleasant narration, and any new terms are immediately explained so there is no distracting jargon.

The one on one attention given to each ring is staggering in view of the volume of rings bought and sold every day, and the pride these artisans take in their work is plainly apparent. This video is a fascinating, eye-opening look into the world of fine jewelry, and it will give anyone a new appreciation of that tiny bit of gold that curls around their finger.