Mad Men’s Jewelry

The 4th season of AMC’s heat series, “Mad Men”, has finally started and it’s fabulous as the previous seasons. And not just because of the strong characters or precise screenplay. It’s no secret that the wardrobe and acc

essories has a big part in this show, and it’s all thanks to the talented Janie Bryant, the costume designer.

Betty in her living room
For adding some vintage charm to your daily outfit, Bryant recommends on pearls, and the more the merrier. “I love the pearls from the period”, she says in an interview for Elle Magazine, “but to make it contemporary, pile them on. I love mixing the period jewelry with a contemporary look, like a modern dress with a fantastic period cocktail ring or several charm bracelets”.



Joan Pen on the red carpet
Now that the Draper family and they’re friends are going into the post JFK assassination and the mid 60’s, the fashion part is even more fun. A side from the timeless pearls there’s a lot of Jackie O, Chanel and Grace Kelly’s inspirations such as big dramatic brooches, huge cocktail rings, long gold chains and lots of multi stranded bead necklaces.

By the way, Janie Bryant released a new clothing and jewelry line for QVC called “Mod by Janie Bryant”, and it’s all inspired by Mad Men’s atmosphere.

Bethany diamonds necklacepics via AMCTV