Diamond Superstitions

During medieval times, it was widely believed to be unlucky to wear pearls because they represented tears. Diamonds, on the other hands, was considered to show a sign of power and great luck, keeping all evil things like witches away. It was also believed to keep the wearer from experiencing a sudden onset of a mental illness such as going insane. So if a bride was seen wearing pearls on her wedding day instead of diamonds, the community would deem the marriage cursed and condemned to unhappiness.

Wearing silver earrings were once thought to keep the evil spirits from possessing an individuals body. Silver earrings were seen to create a protective barrier about an individual so that no evil spirits could penetrate exposed orifices. Also wearing silver earrings were thought to keep the devil away from the wearer. So sporting a simple pair of hoops could keep your body possession free while the wearer is being stylish.

The superstition of the engagement goes as is, if you have a ring on your ring finger don’t remove it, if you don’t have one there don’t put one there. It was considered bad luck if a woman removed her engagement ring for any reason before her wedding day. The reason for this was because of the fear that the wedding may never take place. It was also a big no no to let another woman try on your engagement ring. It was said that if that occurred, the woman that tried on the ring would steal the soon to be husband away. For the single ladies, it is considered bad luck to display a ring on the proposed engagement ring finger. If a woman was to wear a ring on that finger, she would be cursed to be alone forever.

Some believe that it is bad luck to wear a birth stone that isn’t yours. If that were the case, every bride in the world would be cursed unless their birthday fell in the month of April.