The Emmy sets a new hot jewelry trend

Well, its official, Platinum is the new leading trend in jewelry design following the recent Emmy red carpet event. Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal, (rarer than gold) that has only been found in select locations a

cross the planet, making it harder to access and quite a commodity to attain.

Here are some of the celebrities that were spotted sporting the new trend on this month’s red carpet event.

Glee’s Lea Michele looked stunning in a platinum diamond necklace; a pair of platinum Champaign colored diamond studs and a matching Champaign Diamond bracelet.
Emily Blunt wore a platinum diamond bangle, dazzling platinum diamond ring as well as a platinum and diamond hair-pin that complimented her engagement ring from hubby and co-star John Krasinski.
Kim Kardashian 2010 Emmys
The always fashionable Kim Kardashian surprised with a platinum cuff studded with 80 carat white diamonds, an 8 carat platinum diamond ring and diamond studded hair pins that complimented the outstanding cuff.
Other celebrities on the platinum list included; Kerry Russel, Kelly Oasbourne, Tina Fey, Jennifer Carpenter and many others.